GLEE to the Googlers

Somebody found this blog by googling, “mud mambo mushrooms.”  I suspect somebody did it just to have fun with me. Thanks, I’m touched. Somebody also found this blog by googling, “Scaletta waste hauling.” They must have heard about my exclusive litter box duties since my wife is pregnant. Let me tell you, it’s no picnic… even if both are sometimes invaded by ants. And somebody found the blog by googling “Mamba Point Book,” and now we are cooking with oil. Click through to the Mamba page to find out more about that. It now features its first blurb quote, from a bestselling author.

Now, on the flip side, I get google alerts for “Kurtis Scaletta” that are Italian bloggers and entertainment sources talking about Glee, a show I confess to watching. There’s a young man named Kurt on the show and since “scaletta” seems to be Italian for “playlist” (which just makes me wish Kurtis was Italian for “infinite” — rather, it is Indian for “shirts”), one supposes that those Italian Glee fans might stumble across these muddy mambas trying to figure out what songs Kurt will sing on Glee tonight. So I googled back at the problem to find out what the moppet would be singing tonight, and have learned via Vanity Fair that it’s “kind of a political song from thr 1980s.” All right, folks, you have approximately 8 hours to speculate about what that song will be. 99 Luftbalons? Relax, Don’t Do It? Nineteen? Land of Confusion? First We Take Manhattan? World Leader Pretend? Ooh, how about Everybody Wants to Rule the World?

You tell me.

3 thoughts on “GLEE to the Googlers

  1. I’m pretty sure I was the googler who used “mud mambas mushrooms” because I am making a new blog over at WordPress (with the same template you picked, amusingly enough) and was working on my blogroll.

    And I vote “99 Luftbalons” because I ❤ Nena.

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