The Comma Stays

Like all political decisions, the majority is overpowered by the interested. While I seriously doubt that the serial commaists represent 13/17th of the population, they rallied and got out the ground troops. I also suspect that ACORN was involved, or (even more likely) the squirrels themselves.

But enough about that. Mud, Mambas, and Mushrooms it is. Now let’s talk about subtitles. The last blog was creatively titled, “Kurtis Scaletta,” and subtitled, “Author of Mudville,” later changing to “Author of Mudville and Mamba Point,” and could have gone on to be “Author of Mudville; Mamba Point; and Wake, ME” (correct punctuation courtesy of Bettye Smith via Facebook). Once an Oxford Semi-Colon has entered the picture, you know it’s time for a change, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s an unhealthy word to punctuation mark ratio. So let’s go back to the drafting board. What should be the subtitle of this blog?

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