My third novel is now written and off to my editor. There is still a lot of work to be done, but also some waiting to be done, so this is where I start thinking about my next book — which will, if all goes well, be my fourth.

These books are like cats. You get the first one on a lark, the second one to be a companion to the first, the third one because they’re so cute when they’re small. The fourth one shows up unbidden on your doorstep.

Well, maybe it happens in a different order than that, but the point is, you set out thinking one or two will suffice, but soon they are milling about, underfoot and in the way, but you can’t imagine life without them… and, worse of all, the moment one emerges from wriggly kittenhood, you immediately go get a new one. The more the meowier, you think. And that’s where I’m at now.

I was going to use petfinder, but then I saw this one streaking across a rainy street. I felt a little sorry for the creature and took it in. Now it has made itself at home, and I have given it a name. It is a different sort of cat, but will probably get along with the others. I guess it is going to stay.

But I’m keeping my eye on it. The last time this happened, the cat turned out to have a tiny, mewling sequel.

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