One thing I’ve learned from my latest book is that mushrooms are really interesting. Whudathunkit? There are seriously more interesting fungi fun facts than I can even cram into the book. They are among the largest and oldest living organisms on earth, and are deeply intertwined with folklore and culinary traditions all over the world. There are amazing things about mushrooms that my own critique group has scowled at, telling me they liked it better when I stuck to the scientific. I can’t even use all the interesting stuff I’ve learned about one mushroom, the honey fungus, which has the rare ability to light up under the right conditions.

Here are some beautiful pictures of mushrooms from other blogs. Though the first is unfortunately scant in any information about what the mushrooms are or where they are found, the pictures are amazing.

Most Beautiful Mushrooms Ever [via Neatorama]

And, more in line with my work in progress…

Mushrooms You Don’t Want to Mess With

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