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I am excited for the giveaway later, and Elwyn has been practicing nervously. I think he’s going to do just great. In the meantime, I am watching the Vikings play the Giants (now up by 10! Skol!), so if you need to kill time while you wait, here are some good things to read.

One of the best blogs you’ll find about the children’s book industry is Editorial Anonymous. I was giddy to get an honorable mention in EdAnon’s contest to come up with a new publishing myth. And I totally accept the silver; the winner’s was great.

I was thrilled to see that somebody was writing Mrs. Piggle Wiggle fan fiction, and even thrilleder that it was my pal Laurel Snyder, author of Any Which Wall and other wonderful old school-style books, which makes her the perfect person to pen that pastiche. I was a big Mrs. Piggle Wiggle when I was in my chapter book phase. She and Paddington Bear and Encyclopedia Brown populated my dreams in first and second grade.

And finally, what a pleasure to see my book voted as “book with the most heart” by Jody Sparks. It’s always nice to see a good review or listed, but I was especially flattered to see that designation.

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