QNABS: Who's your favorite Viking?

Question nobody asks but should: Who’s your favorite Viking?

Let me start by saying that I never hated Brett Favre as a Packer. I recognized his superb quarterbacking skills then, and relished in his occasional meltdown. Now it’s the opposite, but I’m not one of those crazy Vikings fans (cough-my brother Ken-cough) who wished upon him a career-ending neck injury THEN, and NOW defend him as if he’s my wife, America, and sport itself all balled up in one.

No, for me the title of “favorite Viking” was to be taken forcefully from Adrian Peterson, who rescued it from Confusion And Indecision, who inherited it when Daunte Culpepper left, who grabbed it from the handsome, intelligent hands of Robert Smith.

And to prove I’m no fair-weather fan, I’m posting this in a week in which he didn’t even play. But the honor of My Favorite Viking belongs to rookie-out-of-Florida, wide receiver and punt/kick returner, and absolute game changer…

Percy Harvin*

OK, part of this is because his name is Percy. Many a guy has lit up the field with grit, determination, and flair. Few have done it with the name Percy. When I wrote Mamba Point, I was compelled in the first chapter to think of the single lamest name I could think of, and I came up with Percy. For me, Percy Harvin has done more to make that name cool than Rick Riordian.

*If you haven’t heard of Percy and didn’t follow the link, just wait until they announce who won offensive rookie of the year.**

**If he doesn’t win, the thing is rigged!

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