Why this blog is still here

Mice with Spam

At about 5:10 PM yesterday I was ready to take down this website slash blog and be done with it.

No, it’s not because of anything you did*. I’ve had a scourge of something called an injection hack, which is similar to having a house overrun with mice, only in this case the mice try to talk you into buying bootleg software or suspsicous, ah, supplements. Imagine that going on when you have company.

I’ve rebuilt the thing from scratch. New database, clean install of the software, clean install of the theme. My vow to stop blogging yesterday came after seeing the sleazy-ware hawking mice back after I did all that, but I noticed there was still a mouse-sized hole and have tacked that up and furthermore have some strategically placed cats. Now I’ve got my fingers crossed one hand and the other one hover near the off switch.

If you noticed anything weird the last few days, that’s why. And if you’ve wondered why the summary of a page on google search results might say something astonishingly different than what you find here, that’ s why, too.

*Assuming you’re a regular reader of these pages and not somebody actually did find my website by Googling the questions those mice try to answer, in which case my advice is to just use GIMP and/or to just accept what nature did or did not grant you in that department; now go away.

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