I want your trivia!

It’s getting hard to think of good questions, so I’m going to crowd source the CLN trivia that I post every two weeks. Know something cool, weird, or interesting that would make a good question? Let me have it. I’ll give you credit when I post the answer.

A few rules/guidelines:

1. It has to be a question about children’s literature (including illustration).
2. The question can be tough but not impossible, and the question (and its answer) should be interesting. The best trivia questions have an “aha!” when you learn the answer, as opposed to “Oh. Who’s that?”
3. There should be one undeniably correct answer to the question. For example, if I asked “What children’s book author was also an actor?” you might say Julie Andrews (which is possibly the best answer to the question, but by no means the only possible answer!)
4. It has to be kind of short.

OK, there. That’s it. Four rules is already too many, but I want to help you help me.