A Birthday Cake for a Fun Guy

As author/editor/dancer/lay-zoologist Michael Northrop remembered in comments to a different post, another year came and went for the author of Mudville, Mamba Point, and (now) Wake, ME. Since there was no round number, I decided not to make as big a deal out of this one as I did the last one.

But I did want to share these pics of my cake.

Mind you, after my wife made me a lovely supper yesterday with all my favorite things (dolmades, samosas, bleu cheese and pears… a rather international miscellany), I didn’t have “mushroom” left for cake. But then she served this:

Apparently she was going to rig up something with christmas tree lights embedded in the cake with bulbs deep in the meringue fungi, but she was worried about cooking the wires and furthermore….. OK, I made that part up. Anyway, it was a yummy cake and an easy way to get my vegetables!

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