It’s Thanksgiving week, so here is my own “Thanks!” to everyone who read Mudville, bought it for a friend or loved one, plans to read it, or at least stopped in the bookstore and admired the cover. Thanks to my wonderful agent and first-class publisher, thoughtful editor, smart designer, attentive publicist, and everyone else over in the Knopffice. Thanks to all the librarians who put it on their shelves, teachers who shared it with their classes, and booksellers who carried it in their stores or even made it part of a display and special thanks to the stores who invited me to visit. Thanks to the Midwestern Booksellers Association, Horn Book magazine, School Library Journal, and Booklist. Thanks to Laurie Hertzel in Minneapolis, Marianne Grossman in St. Paul, Doug Smith in upstate New York, and all the other baseball or book-beat reporters who wrote about it. Thanks to the bloggers who blogged about it, the and GoodReads and LibraryThing and Shelfari and WeRead reviewers who reviewed it or rated it, and thanks to the kid at Marcy Open School in Minneapolis who asked me if I was famous and asked me for my autograph. Thanks to my writer friends, new and old, and to my non-writer friends, my family, and that bartender who served me the martini two and half years ago when I marched in and told him I’d just been offered a book deal. Thanks to the Loft and the Children’s Literature Network and the Minnesota chapter of the SCBWI. Thanks to my fellow “debutantes” and the folks from the blue boards. Oh, and thanks to anyone/everyone who reads my blog.

That’s just the book stuff. If I list all the stuff I’m thankful for, I’ll never get to bed.

What are you thankful for?

2 thoughts on “Thanks!

  1. [OK, yes: This is a very nice post, and it sort of cracked my thick and scaly armour (with a ‘u’ because it is forged of ancient magick) to remind me how much all us debut authors have to be thankful for. But—but, but, but—it is thematically problematic for me, because I am just trying to stop by your blog and wish you Happy Birthday. And now I am leaving birthday wishes on a Thanksgiving post and it seems like, geez, why don’t I just wish you a festive St. Patrick’s Day while I’m at it? But then, St. Patty’s is the most anti-snake of all the holidays, so I can’t do that. All right, OK, I might as well just get to business…]

    Happy Birthday, sir! I hope you have a great one. If there is a martini—or several involved—no one here will judge. (If there isn’t, well…)

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