In Flew Enza

It’s been nearly a fortnight since my last non-trivial post, and a lot has happened since then. For example, I’ve been to Michigan and got horribly sick. I’m not implying those are similar or connected, mind you. But in Michigan I watched an endless, gut-wrenching tie-breaker baseball game between the Twins and Tigers on TV (in a bar full of stinkin’ Tigers fans) (they actually smelled OK), and saw the Twins win their hard-earned right to get swept by the Yankees in the first round of the MLB playoffs. I saw the final game in that series in the Metrodome, their last game there, and to prove it workmen came out later with pick-axes and dug up home plate.

A few days later I came down with a debilitating illness. I imagine under a microscope my infection looks like this.

Twins Fever

Well, OK, it’s probably something trivial like H1N1 (it is the flu, and they tell me if you catch a flu right now, it’s probably that one), but I am not a doctor. And I do know that at least two of the three people I watched the game with are also sick. Coincidence? Or is this a full-blown case of frustrated Twins fever?

The only cure is to introduce equally virulent viri to the system. Skol Vikings!
Vikes Fever

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