A Couple of Ball Games

My hometown is having a pretty big 24 hours in sports between tonight and tomorrow. First of all there’s Monday Night Football tonight. It’s always a big deal to host a Monday Night game, but tonight is like the biggest Monday Night Football game EVAR (as the kids on the Internet spell and capitalize it) because of the Now-he’s-retired, Now-he’s-not future hall-of-famer and living legend quarterback Brett Favre now playing against the Packers, the team he led for something like fifteen, sixteen years and took to two Super Bowls, and not just playing against them, but playing for their archest of arch-rivals, my own beloved Vikings. This is what the sportswriters like to call “a storyline”, i.e., it gives the announcers something to focus on and gab about tonight instead of talking about how Adrian Peterson is about to set the single game rushing record again. But suffice to say, it’s a big deal.

And tomorrow afternoon, that same dome (which used to be named after a Vice President, but as of today is named after a shopping center) will host an extra bonus regular season “play-in” game between the Twins and the Detroit Tigers, who finished in a tie and have to sort out who has the privilege of getting swept by the Yankees in the first round of the play-offs. The Twins are without their golden-haired former MVP first baseman slash slugger or, if we’re being honest, any really dominating pitcher that works the first through eighth inning. And yet, somehow, by a combination of Twin pluck and Tiger fail, the Twins are in this thing. On top of that drama is the fact that yesterday was supposed to be their last game at the Metrodome (widely believed to be the worst place in the world to watch a professional baseaball game), and now they have another last game at the Metrodome, and hopefully more games past that.

But of course, even that game tomorrow depends on the Vikings fans not dismantling the stadium after tonight’s football game.

It’s going to be a fun couple of days. Especially if both of the Minnesota teams win.

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