CLN Trivia – Some Overdue Answers

1. I asked what heroes of YA literature are typified by Dick Hunter, boot black and Luke Walton, news boy. They are the archetypal Horatio Alger heroes. Dick is the star of Alger’s first novel for young adults, Ragged Dick, which founded the rags-to-respectability success stories that cemented Alger’s name in the American lexicon. Usually Alger’s heroes do not become wildly rich, however. They just earn their way into the middle class with hard work, virtue, and luck.

2. I asked what literary figure was born 300 years ago on September 19, 1709. My hint was that he had a “word for everything.” The answer is Samuel Johnson, humorist and essayist who also wrote the first English dictionary.

Neither of these got answers, so I’m going to make it easier for a while. Or let people google a little. For tomorrow’s question, think about your favorite storybook mice.

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