CLN Trivia Answer… Eponymy

I asked people to name three Newbery Award winners had the first and last name of a main character in their titles. There are several, but it gets a bit complicated. I try to keep the questions short and sweet, and this one could have had a bunch of asterisks.

For example, do initials count? (M.C. Higgins the Great) Do nicknames? (Maniac Magee) Do pets? (Ginger Pye) And is Mrs. Frankweiler a “main character”? (From the Mixed Up Files, etc.)

I decided all of them do count. But one thing I put my foot down about is Awards versus Honors. Sorry, Charlotte Doyle. Like another Charlotte, you had to settle for the silver.

Here are a complete list of answers I deemed acceptable:

Young Fu – 1933
Caddie Woodlawn – 1936
Daniel Boone – 1940
Johnny Tremain – 1944
Amos Fortune, Free Man – 1951
Ginger Pye – 1952
I Juan de Pareja – 1966
From the Mixed Up Files of Basil E. Frankweiler – 1968
M.C. Higgins the Great – 1975
A Visit to William Blake’s Inn – 1982
Maniac Magee – 1991

Tomorrow’s trivia question will break out of children’s literature, but for a good reason. It’s a certain somebody’s birthday. Hmmm…. I wonder whose?

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