Breaking the Rules

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know one of my favorite things to complain about are “rules” of writing. I don’t mean grammatical rules (I’m for those… well, most of them), but little bits of conventional wisdom that have a little life of their own through writing manuals and conferences and workshops. They mostly boil down to a list of don’ts and nevers and have to do with adverbs, prologues, narrative summary, and so forth. In fact, it led to one of my most popular posts (based on web stats).

So I liked today’s podcast from the Upstart Crows, a new literary agency that’s been giving great advice via blog and netcast to aspiring authors, where they address that same topic. Chris Richman, who is not my agent but is in my fantasy baseball league (the one where I’ve clinched last place), mentions one of my favorite middle grade novels of the last 20-odd years. Check it out.

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