QNABS: Who Reads Your Blog?

Question nobody asks but should: Who reads your blog?

The truth is threefold, and all three folds involve a bit of a confession. The first is that I have a site tracking software in action so kinda know how many visitors I get and what they do here, where they are and where they came from, etc. If you read the site through an aggregator, then I don’t get to track you, but otherwise I know all. Except who you actually are, of course. Just that your ISP is Comcast and you use Firefox for PC Windows and spent exactly 37 seconds reading this entry and clicked here by google searching “Mudville author” or whatever. That might creep you out a little, but the truth is that almost everyone is doing it. We call it metrics to make it sound less stalkerish.

The second confession is that the most common referring URL — that means, the way people link here — is google.

The third confession is that most of them are not, as I would wish, googling “Mudville author.” Most of them are googling one of two things:

The first is the soundtrack to Grease, through a Google image search. I posted the image of the album cover a long time ago in a post about my first records, and now my blog is weirdly often the top hit for such searches, sometimes second or third. The second is LOL cats, because I posted some a while back. This actually scares me, because I am nowhere near the top of google search results for LOL Cats. People must go forty or fifty pages deep to find my LOL Cats, which means… there are people who do… that. Um.

Anyway, I want to give the people what they want. The soundtrack to Grease, and LOL Pets! So here is the ultimate post, bound to get one bazillion hits, and if only a small percentage click through to find out more about my books and only a small percentage of those buy one, I will still soon be atop the best seller list. Enjoy!

Grease Lol Pups

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