At the Moundville of Madness: The Teaser

I got two emails yesterday. The first is from Max, age 10, who has a suggestion:

Hello I have an idea for the sequel of Mudville it could be be called Snowville and it takes place 25 years after where Mudville ends. And Roy’s grandchildren play Sinister Bend. Please think about it.

Thanks for the excellent idea, Max!

The other is from Mike, who I think is 14 or so. Mike links to a blog entry of his where he writes:

I’ve been wanting to write a Cthulhu mythos story for years—some dark and debased tale of ancient evils and “aeons-old dread.”

and adds this personal note:

Any chance I can convince you to write one too? It’s a great release for any and all baseball-related angst…

Needless to say, these two thoughts are beautifully matched, and so I am excited to bring you:

At the Moundville of Madness

First, though, I have to write it. So perhaps while you are waiting, you can read Mudville again (What? You don’t have it?), and read this story by the master of weird fiction. Yep, that’s actually a genre.

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