QNABS: Bestest Songs EVAR

Question nobody asks but should: What are the bestest songs EVAR?

The problem with any kind of “bestest” list is that it’s hard to sort things out, and also, to a large degree, completely unnecessary. And yet we all love to do it, and hence everything from the Oscars to ALA Most Notable Books to “Bestest song EVAR” lists on the blogosphere. As Kurt Loder or some other rock journalist said, the only top ten list that matters is the one in your own head.

I need at least to separate the apples of “songs that rock” from the oranges of “songs that are pretty,” and if I were to go on, there would be the bananas of “the top five songs to sing along with” and the kumquats of “the top five songs to drive to,” and the kiwis of “the top five songs to have come on the radio just when you’re about to kiss somebody for the first time.”

Top five songs that rock:
1. Rebel Yell, Billy Idol
2. Kashmir, Led Zeppelin
3. You Shook Me All Night Long, ACDC
4. Surrender, Cheap Trick
5. Bang a Gong/Get it On, T Rex

Top five songs that are pretty
1. When the River Meets the Sea, Emmet and Ma Otter
2. Let the Mystery Be, Iris Dement
3. Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd
4. Woman, John Lennon
5. Blue, The Jayhawks

Top five songs to sing along with
1. King of the Road, Roger Miller
2. Lola, The Kinks
3. Honky Tonk Woman, The Rolling Stones
4. The Joker, Steve Miller Band
5. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, The Band

Top five songs to play while driving
1. Highway Star, Deep Purple
2. Windfall, Son Volt
3. Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, Lucinda Williams
4. Another Town, Steve Earle
5. Looking at a World Through a Windshield, Del Reeves

Top five songs to have come on the radio when you’re just about to kiss somebody for the first time
1. Give Me a Kiss to Build a Dream On, Louis Armstrong
2. Romeo and Juliet, Dire Straits
3. Winding Wheel, Ryan Adams
4. I Will, Allison Krauss
5. Pretty Woman, Van Halen

I’m likely to edit this several times, so you might want to take a screen shot. To show how hard it is, I’ve done 25 songs, and there’s no original Beatles versions of Beatles songs, there’s no REM, and there’s no Weezer, and those are like my three all-time favorite bands.

3 thoughts on “QNABS: Bestest Songs EVAR

  1. What? No list of top 5 songs my brothers hassled me about list? Number one for you on that list would be “Your Kiss is On My List” Hall and Oates! 🙂

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