QNABS: The Last Book You "Read"

Question nobody asks but should: What’s the last book you “read”?

To be fair, sometimes people do ask what the last book I read is, but they never put it in scare quotes. The last book I “read” I listened to, at work today, and is called Neil Armstrong is My Uncle (and Other Lies Muscleman McGinty Told Me) by Nan Marino.

It’s a fun, poignant book, but I’m not here to review it, but to share three random memories the book sparked.

1. As you might guess, the book involves the first moon landing. I saw the moon landing. I was eight months old, and my mother (I am told) held me up to the screen so I could say I saw it. And I’m glad she did, because I’m glad I can say I saw it even though I don’t remember it.

2. Nan’s book involves an epic kickball game. One of the best moments of my childhood was kicking a home run in kick ball. I was a small kid and had few shining moments. This was one of them. The ball bounced off of Chad’s hands and went onto the stage of the gym/auditorium, and I did the trot around the bases. I think it was in slo mo and the lights started popping as the crowd cheered. And I am sure there was a crowd.

3. Nan’s book mentions the ice cream man, and I later saw on Facebook that someone was talking about buying kids ice cream when the ice cream man comes by and how it becomes an entitlement and I remember that when I was a kid, we had to earn the money. In fact, every morning we would basically set out to raise the scratch for ice cream. Being seven, eight years old, the opportunities were limited. The most common tasks were getting brass cleaner and a rag and polishing mail slots (I was living in England at the time, where mail slots were common), and/or getting windex and paper towels and wiping down car windows and headlights. We’d charge 10 pence, which was how much the ice creams cost, so we only needed one job per kid. We did terrible work, and the parents let us do it because they felt sorry for us and/or were happy to see us learning a work ethic. The ice cream treats in England are better, by the way.

Also, I enjoyed the production of this audiobook, but I think I prefer to read books the old fashioned way–using the Kindle app on my iPod.

One thought on “QNABS: The Last Book You "Read"

  1. The ice cream treats are really better in England? Cause Mr. Softee and Good Humor are pretty awesome.
    For ice cream money, we used to try to sell the seeds from the Maple trees. We called them polly noses. The seeds would fly like a helicopter and you could pull the sticky part apart put it on your nose (giving you a parrot nose or polly nose). It was a hard sell to adults. BTW, I think polly nose is a NY expression.
    Mail slot cleaning is much more practical.
    Watching the moon walk counts even when you are too young to remember it.

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