The Mahar Child – Part One

Matt Miller, who appears in my forthcoming novel, Mamba Point is a big fan (like I was when I was his age, and still am) of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Unlike me, Matt has even written fan fiction — namely, a short novel set in Burroughs’ world of Pellucidar, the primitive world on the inside of the earth that has captured the imagination of readers for nearly a century.

Matt agreed to let me publish it here, in serial fashion, with the disclaimer that (a) he was a kid when he wrote it, 25 years ago, and (b) if he tends to run purple in the prose department, it’s because he was writing a pastiche to Burroughs.

The first installment is here, and more will follow as Matt retypes the old manuscripts, which were originally entered into an Apple II and saved to 8″ floppy disks which, though still in Matt’s possession, are useless due to a lack of a disk drive or a computer of the same era. It is just lucky that Matt still has the hard copies, as hard to read as they are on the faded dot matrix print-outs. Matt and I wonder if Pelluidar, which was at the Stone Age a century ago, might now be using just such hardware.

In any case, we both hope you will read an enjoy this tale:

The Mahar Child: A Story of Pellucidar – Part One

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