Kurtis Scaletta Takes the Dare

I’d like to direct people to the extremely nice and amazing Cynthea Liu, author of The Great Call of China, which is part of the S.A.S.S. series, and Paris Pan Takes the Dare, which was released today. Anyone who writes for kids knows Cynthea through her Writing for Children and Teens website and new authors know her for Authors Now site, which she somehow manages to do on top of her prolific writing. She gives much of the credit to her webmaster and confidante, Snoop.

Anyway, Cynthea’s launch party for Paris Pan Takes the Dare includes an amazing commitment on her part — to donate all the royalties from day one sales to a school in Oklahoma. Click through to her website to find out more about her book, purchase it, and/or join in the virtual launch party. She also rounded up a bunch of writers to “take the dare” and show we care to raise even more money, and I took the dare (I’m just glad she didn’t dare me to take a belly flop off the high dive; I’m a sucker for a good dare.) Find out more about that here.

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