Reminder of Upcoming Events

Mudville: I’ll be at the Bookcase of Wayzata Thursday at 4:30 for a reading/signing and coming back for a book club discussion at 7:00. (The discussion starts at 7:00, but I’ll be a bit later so people can talk about the book without me hovering around).

I’ll also be at The Loft Literary Center on Saturday at 7:00 for a reading and signing with other cool people. Both of these events are free and open to the public.

Web presence: I’ll be at the Festival of Children’s Literature all day Saturday, doing a lunchtime table discussion and a presentation about Web presence for authors. If you’re going, please say Howdy!

2 thoughts on “Reminder of Upcoming Events

  1. ****Official Stop on Launch Day Madness Comment-O-Rama*****
    You expect us to believe that you won’t be lurking in the back, possibly in some outlandish disguise, to hear what people say about the book when you’re not there? Do you think we were born yesterday on a turnip truck that we fell off of?

  2. First, allow me to express how proud and honored I am to be included in the Michael Northrop OSOLDMCOR. Congratulations and best wishes on your first novel, Gentlemen, which my half-dozen faithful can find here:

    Second, and more importantly, can you please help me pick up these turnips that seem to have fallen out of your clothing as you came in?

    My wife and I joked about her sitting in as Ms Randomperson Fromwayzata to get the dope on how folks were treating me and Mudville; unfortunately Vicki who coordinates the book club has now met my wife and wouldn’t be gulled. I’ll have to find another mole. Say, what are you doing tomorrow?

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