Play Ball!

I just found this on YouTube to celebrate opening day for Major League Baseball (I choose to ignore the one game that was played yesterday since it involves teams I don’t care about — got that, Josh?)

Lots to love in this little clip. First of all, there’s the score. I guess that’s what happens when you have a kid pitch the whole game. Second of all, I like the scenes with the balls flying out of the ball park because they’re probably supposed to be home runs but anyone who’s been to a ball park knows the entrance is behind home plate, so those are just really hard hit foul balls. Third of all is the “Home Team” banner that some folks painted and brought in. I’d think if you were big fans you would learn their name… Hm.

Anyway, happy baseball season to everyone, and may the home teams win all their games today!

4 thoughts on “Play Ball!

  1. And he says “Cracker Jacks” instead of the correct “Cracker Jack,” just to be extra nit-picky.

    I am very excited for tonight. I’ll be there with bells (or my Twins cap) on!

  2. I think I would like to pretend yesterday’s game didn’t happen as well!

    Now, on to the continued dissection of this video:
    (1) Isn’t the Home team always listed underneath the Visitors? That scoreboard shows Home on top.

    (2) Also, that scoreboard has no room for extra innings, which is too bad, because the score appears to be tied at 41.

    (3) There seem to be a lot of strikeouts for a game that also features a total of 82 runs scored. How is it that they can’t figure out that kid’s stuff, yet put up ridiculous numbers of runs? Must be a bunch of Ryan Howards on both sides.

    (4) I really want a banner (and maybe a hat) that says HOME TEAM. Can’t go wrong with that!

    Plaaaaaay Baaaaaaal!

  3. I wonder if the score isn’t how many runs scored each inning, but rather what the score is after that inning? Apparently they’re making the kids do math to figure each inning out!

    Also, that’s quite the stadium–and full stadium!–for kids to play in. Perhaps it’s actually the Twins versus the Devil Rays, so they only look like kids?

    I’m very happy they said, “I don’t care if I Never get back” rather than “I don’t care if I ever get back, like is used too often.

    And I’m going to make a “home team!” banner. It’s a couple of hours until first pitch…

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