Media Roundup

I’m in the New York Post! Nope, it’s not on the infamous Page Six gossip page, but one better — a list of new baseball books for young readers. I’m in good company with Dan Gutman and Mick Cochrane (and thinking Alan Gratz’s new book The Brooklyn Nine ought to be on that page too, for its New Yorkiness, unless that would have bumped Mudville off the list.)

Which reminds me that I never posted a link to this story which ran last week in Winston-Salem.

I also talked to John Clemens of the USA Radio Network on the 17th. I don’t have a link to the interview (and didn’t actually hear it post-editing), but we had a good conversation about Mudville and minor league ball.

2 thoughts on “Media Roundup

  1. Kurtis,

    That’s great news about the Post review. When they reviewed my book, it was quite a thrill.
    Yesterday, I saw Mudville in my local B & N. I quietly snuck to the shelf and turned it face out. Take that, local B & N!
    Hope your sales are out of the park!

    All best,

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