This is Madness!

It’s time for March Madness, aka the NCAA basketball tournament. Since I’m not a big hoops fan, this is mostly something that happens to other people, some of whom I work with. I don’t do brackets, and I don’t watch any of the games, and I barely know who’s playing. For example, I just now had to look it up to see if my own Golden Gophers were in it this year (they are, good for them!)

Carl who maintains the Boys Rule Boys Read blog is more in the thick of it, down there in North Carolina where the Duke/UNC rivalry makes Yankees and RedSox fans look good natured by comparison. So Carl’s doing his own bracket of authors, and somehow I got a toehold in the bracket. I’m the last seed, the bubbliest of candidates, and I’m playing the top seed, who is…

Well, let’s just say I don’t like my odds.

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