Recap and Roundup

The recap and roundup seem to go hand in hand today, so they are sharing a blog post. For example, duckologist and bookseller, Dara Dokas, wrote a nice blog post about Mudville, and she also hosted the event at Micawbers store on Saturday afternoon, where I read from the book and Chuck W. Knott of the New York Pigeons of Plopsville, Iowa, talked a bit about baseball and asked a few trivia questions.

Me at Micawbers

Me and Chuck at Micawbers

Also, Jen of Beagle Books in Park Rapids wrote a nice review on her bookstore’s website (poke around the site a bit for other interesting stuff, including a photo of their newest staff member). I met Jen and her mom and a bunch of other independent booksellers and a few other authors at the MBA reception yesterday evening.

I don’t have any photos of me at that event, actually, but as I entered several people asked me if I’d seen the excellent display someone set up in the room next door to show everyone how to do an excellent display. I didn’t get a good look before it came down, but a nice fellow from Winona, Minnesota sent me a picture.

Mudville Display

It was a great event, especially when Jane Hamilton who’s won a bunch of awards and everything whispered after my reading, “that was lovely.”

Two more bloggy type things: Sharon and Carl. I probably have missed a few since you can only do so much with Google alerts, but thanks to the folks who mention Mudville on their blogs and various social book sites. Hey, even if it’s just a so-so review or a whatever, I’m flattered when anyone takes the time to mention it.

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