Talkin’ Baseball Recap

Today was time for “talkin’ baseball,” at the library in Crystal, Minnesota, which is a special library to me because it’s where I do “guys read” every summer. The event was sponsored by the Friends of Hennepin County Libraries.

I read and talked about Mudville, of course, but we angled this to be more about baseball and baseball books in general, which gave me a chance to promote a couple of other favorite baseball books with local ties.

Reading from Mudville

For example, I read a passage from Mark Harris’ The Southpaw (which he wrote while a graduate student at the University of Minnesota), where the kid watches his semi-pro pitcher dad warm up for a game. If I’d gone on to the part where his old man gets shelled and pulled from the game early, I probably wouldn’t have made it. As much as I appreciate Harris, I get a better feel for his poetic vernacular reading it aloud. My wife said the same thing. I also talked about Mick Cochrane’s Sport and The Girl Who Threw Butterflies, and W.P. Kinsella and the whole Moonlight Graham scene from Shoeless Joe.

Reading from The Southpaw

That being done, we moved on to Twins trivia, with plenty of Twins merchandise donated by the local ball club. I threw a few curveballs with non-baseball Twins questions in the mix. For example, name the twins in the Harry Potter books (Fred and George) and what constellation features Castor and Pollux (Gemini).

Twins Trivia

I signed a few books on my way out, one to a lucky winner and one for a kid who just struck me as needing a book (he cleaned up at trivia). Here are three fans lined up for a copy. 😉

Line up

And here are youth librarian hero Claudia and her son Jamie, who’s been my Guys Read assistant for the last couple of years and is now slated to head up his own group.

Jamie and Claudia

If you’re sorry you missed all this, the good news is that I’ll do it again in a couple of months, this time at the Brookdale library, on June 18. More about that as we firm up the details.

3 thoughts on “Talkin’ Baseball Recap

  1. It sounds like a great event. The teen has purloined Mudville and was heard telling a friend that he had read it before it was a “real” book. He’s alternating reading it with The Catcher in the Rye (like his mother, he likes to have several books on the go at the same time).

    I am currently reading The Girl who Threw Butterflies and The Story of Edgar Sawtelle.

    We were just looking to see if we could score opening day tickets for the teen’s birthday, as we usually do, but the season starts later this year. BlueJays’ tickets are not in such demand as those of the Twins!

  2. Well, you see the Killer question… there was a couple of others, too, about all the Twins in Cooperstown and retired numbers and who were they before they were the Twins.

    Elmwood, Roy actually tries reading Catcher in the Rye himself, in Mudville, and quits when he realizes there is no baseball in it (I’m not sure if Roy didn’t get to the part about Roy’s brother’s baseball mitt, or if it just wasn’t enough to keep him reading.)

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