Last Roundup I Bet

I figure after publication week, things to link to will be few and further in between, unless rain is the new vampire when it comes to hot books. Still, here are no fewer than four recent additions to Mudvillemania on the web.

First and foremost was a mention in Publisher’s Weekly’s daily email newsletter that went out yesterday, which I think is mainly due to the photogenic cake.

Jodi of “Minnesota Reads” posted Six questions [they] always ask, which I liked because they were actually about reading, not about writing. Those questions made me think, and I may have committed myself to memorizing Charlotte’s Web. She also posted a review of Mudville which is so nice I don’t know what to say.

Jodi admits we know each other fleetingly through the Twin Cities blogosphere, but that’s nothing. If you want nepotism, read my brother’s (and Mudville dedicatee) review.

Oh, and here’s a review by someone I don’t (think I) know at all… Bib-laura-graphy. And here’s another, by The Happy Nappy Bookseller.

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