Media Roundup

There are a half dozen bloggy things I’ll have to collect and link to, but a preliminary thanks to everyone who put up launch-day reminders, announcements, interviews, etc. I’ll post links to those later today or tomorrow.

I do want to post two quick announcements/reminders about Wednesday, though. The first is my appearance on Kare 11’s morning show, Showcase Minnesota, sometime between 10 and 11 tomorrow morning–Twincitians, please watch! I will then be hastening hom to join fellow Knopf baseball author Mick Cochrane in an online chat about baseball and books and baseball books for at noon eastern, 11 central. Here’s more about that. Don’t be fooled by the Lake Erie zip code; Mick is a Twins fan and we’ll talk about nothing but whether or not Joe Crede will make the difference this season.

Incidentally, Mick’s book and my own are a 2-fer-five-percent-off special on Amazon. So if you want more baseball for you buck, think about clicking that “Add both to cart” button.

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