Shadow Thieves: The Play

Yesterday we saw the theatrical adaptation of Anne Ursu’s Shadow Thieves by Stages Theater Company in Hopkins, Minnesota. Shadow Thieves is a fantasy series where the Greek myths are true, English teachers are heroes, kittens are sagacious and courageous creatures capable of saving the universe, cephalopods are dapper and gentlemanly, and the greatest evils are perpetuated by overly ambitious minor functionaries in massive bureaucracies… oh, and the portal to hell is in The Mall of America. I haven’t located the fantasy part, actually. Anyway, in an era of computer generated images and other wonders, it was remarkable to see a small theater transform an other-worldly epic with paint, costumes, puppets, and a few flashlights. If you are a Twincitian, I recommend a visit, even if it requires a nerve-wracking drive through a snowy rush hour.

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