These Things Always Happen in Threes

Besides getting my books on Friday, there two other things worth mentioning from the last few days… first, I am thrilled that Mudville will be a Midwest Connections Pick in March. More about that when March comes roaring in. I also did an interview for Carl over at Boys Rule Boys Read, a good blog that focuses on getting the right books into the right hands.

Speaking of threes, I want to recap (or is it precap?) the first three readings of Mudville season —

The book launch is 2:00 on Sunday, February 28 at The Red Balloon Bookshop in St Paul. It is also Angela’s birthday. She says I can not lead you all in a chorus of “Happy Birthday,” but I certainly cannot stop anyone in the audience from doing it.

I will be at Rockford Road library in Crystal “talkin’ baseball” on March 8 at 1:30 PM. It’s a family event, and I’ll read a bit from Mudville but also talk about some other baseball books with Minnesota ties. There will be trivia, and prizes… you can’t buy Mudville at the event, but you might win one!

Then I will be at Micawbers on March 14 for “Second Saturday,” with a theme of baseball and mud. Micawbers is a great store, and being conveniently located among shops and restaurants and not far from Como Zoo and Conservatory*, you can make an afternoon of it. My wife and I did so just yesterday, seeing Dara Dokas and her duck friend talk about an unravelling red sweater.

The Events link above has addresses for all three of these, and for a couple of other things that are coming up!

*Which is where I met my wife, exactly five years ago today — five very happy years, of course!

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