Snail Mail

Snail Mail I am putting together a good old fashioned snail mail list, particularly for Twincitians (yes, that’s a word–it rhymes with “Venetians”) to get reminders about local events. By “snail mail” I mean that a hard working person in a blue uniform will actually trot up to your house and leave something in your mailbox.

I will not give the list to anyone else or send more than a postcard once in a while and maybe a seasonal greeting. If that sounds awesome to you, please either leave your address in a comment here (comments will NOT be published or visible to anyone else), or follow the Contact Me link above. Thanks!

This is as good a time as any to also point out there’s a “Get Email” button too. Once I hit some magically round number of subscribers, I will actually use that list to send occasional announcements. The offer still stands for a signed book to one randomly selected person from that list… and I’ll throw in the names from snail mail when I (or a cat) selects a lucky winner. This means you can enter twice if you sign up for both lists.

I will not share the info with anyone, or do anything that might make you recall the cornerstone product of a meat packing company in Austin, Minnesota.

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