Every 'Hog Has Its Day

Today is usually called “Groundhog Day,” and I don’t need to explain the whole premise of the pudgy-looking rodent’s impact on climate change and how Bill Murray got his handprints on the thing. I’ve always liked Groundhog Day and wondered why more burrowing animals didn’t have their own holiday, but was excited to learn a few years ago that the European origin of the day is actually Hedgehog Day, that it dates back to ancient times, and that Groundhog Day replaced it as there are no hedgies native to the Americas. Hedgehogs are among my favorite animals, as they will soon be yours after watching one eat a carrot. Unfortunately, I have since learned that the existence of such a day is somewhat suspect, perhaps invented by the creators of Groundhog Day to give a mythic source for their preposterous initiative. In any case, I intend to celebrate it for both the spiny European insectivores and the affable American rodents, and hope for a brighter future when all pint-sized diggers have their own holiday without having to share.

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