The Goods, Part 2, and Future Extras

New Directions in Student Services When combined with the items pictured in the last post, this lovely volume from New Directions for Student Services completes the promised prizes in the 2008 Year-End Prize Giveaway Bonanza.

To recap, with this exciting collection of goods you can immerse yourself in the dog-eat-dog world of Steve Miller cover band competitions, learn how draw a snake, consider how to use emerging technologies to enhance student engagement, mark your place in both publications and up to three others, and tuck a photo of the author, ca. 1980, into a drawer for safekeeping pending his rise to fame and fortune and its subsequent immeasurable value on online auction sites.

A name will be picked at random* by a Scaletta cat on Thursday or maybe Friday.

* Or with extreme favoritism and prejudice, depending on the cat.

If you have already commented there and are waiting on edge for the big drawing, you may choose to enter these other contests, listed here by Saundra, to bide your time.

Also, and most importantly, while the lucky winner and/or nefarious briber of our cat will obtain the original copy of “How to Draw a Snake,” this document will be posted in its entirety, in digital form, in the coming days.