2008 Year-End Prize Giveaway Bonanza!

To celebrate the turning of the calendar page to my book publication year, I am giving away, to one randomly selected person, a bunch of stuff! The prize includes, but is not limited to, the following excellent and curious items*:

1. An issue of the January/February 2009 Cicada magazine featuring my story, “Swingtown.”
2. An issue of the Winter 2008 New Directions in Student Services Special Issue: Using Emerging Technologies to Enhance Student Engagement, featuring the article, “Blogging in the Academy,” co-authored by me and my esteemed colleague Shane Nackerud.
3. A handful of Mudville bookmarks.
4. Original hand-drawn and hand-lettered instructions on “How to Draw a Snake,” by the author, who has very little actual artistic talent or know-how.
5. Wallet-sized picture of the author when he was a boy, and somewhat cuter than he is now.

* If any of these items cannot be located when the time comes, the author retains the right to replace it with an item of equal interest and value. Other goodies may thrown it at the last second.

To enter, JUST COMMENT ON THIS POST. I’ll write all the names down on bits of paper and let one of the cats pick a winner. Make sure you use a valid email address when you comment, so I can contact you if you win. Nobody will see the email address but me, and I won’t use it for any purpose except contacting a winner. Comment by January 8, 2009!

Edit: the broken captcha requirement is now disabled. You can leave a comment, but it will be held for moderation. Sorry to the people who tried to comment before this was fixed.

Edit: Comments are now closed. Thanks to all who entered!

25 thoughts on “2008 Year-End Prize Giveaway Bonanza!

  1. If I should win all this neat stuff I will save it in a water proof/fire proof box until you are famous or passed and then auction it and use the money to start a foundation benefitting cats of various talents!

  2. This chance is too good to pass up. I’ll throw my name in the hat as well. I’ve always wanted to know how to draw a snake.

    P.S. Given that I knew you then, will you be offended if I say you are, in fact, cuter now?

  3. oooh, cool stuff. I like give aways.

    We should still read the Liberian book and get some good food in BP someday…

  4. Ooooooh! This is too good to be true. A prize give away with such wonderful items. Even you can’t find these items when the time comes, I just love the thought of being part of a prize give away. Yay!

  5. I am so thrilled that I can participate in such a contest. Kitty cat, pick me! I’m the one who likes cats the most on this posting!

    Kurtis, are you gong to be bringing the cats over with the Party Patrol?

    Happy New Year to One and ALL!

  6. I don’t have an “in” with your cats, but I would like to tell them that you and I go “way back”, and my door is always open if they want to come visit in sunny southern Cali. Of course, they will probably run yowling, but I think we have a tendency to spoil felines if given the proper opportunity. No offense to the humans, but I think we all realize who is really in control… Here’s to your year, Kurt!

  7. I think you should add “A handful of mud and vile bookmarks” to the list, immediately after “A handful of Mudville bookmarks.” It’s like how Wheel of Fortune has Bankrupt right after $5000.

  8. Cool, I liking winning stuff (though I never do). I’m counting down the 47 days, 20 hours, 5 minutes, and 8 seco…make that 7 sec…6 secon…5…I look forward to reading Mudville!

  9. among all the things being given away on blogs these days, this has to be the most interesting. Let the cats paws fall where they may!

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  10. My kitty tells me that your kitty will pick us. Must be some kind of feline clarvoyance thing.

    Thanks so much!

  11. WOW! great prizes! thank you for offering them to us to win. I hope Im the lucky one. (BTW Im a cat lover I have 3 of them)


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