And Now My Surprise Event…

My worlds will collide in January when I intend to apply what I know from my day job to my writing life. I’ll be leading a small workshop through the Children’s Literature Network on “Web 2.0 for Authors.”

The CLN website says this:

In this workshop, participants will learn a ten-step process for envisioning a Web strategy and turning it into a reality, discuss the difference between a website and a web presence, and explore the new opportunities for marketing and networking using “Web 2.0” technologies. Participants are invited to bring the URLs of their own and other authors’ websites to critique and discuss.

So maybe you’re a local author and you’re checking out my website and you’re thinking, what does this guy know? Nothing is beeping or flashing at me! That’s true, but this workshop is not about graphic design or multimedia development (which we’d never learn in a half-day). It’s about creating a web presence instead of a website… and I hope by the end of the day you’ll know what I mean by that.

Or maybe you’re just wondering, “what on earth is Web 2.0?” which is a valid question. It’s a concept, not a technology, and refers to a range of web-based publishing and collaborative tools that are becoming the norm rather than the exception of activity on the Internet. A few years ago we thought of the Web as “the information superhighway,” an abundance of information created by other people for us to browse and use. Now the web is a place where we create the content ourselves, from tagging books and writing reviews on to updating our own Wikipedia articles to blogging to developing networks on platforms like Facebook and MySpace. The emphasis has shifted from content delivery to participation and collaboration.

I’ll also be honest and say that while I’ve written journal articles and presented at conferences around the country on blogs, wikis, and social networks, I’m still sorting this stuff out myself and would love to hear your own stories and experiences about the brave new world of Web 2.0. What I really hope to bring to this workshop is the perspective of a project manager, a simple but thoughtful process for sorting out all the options available and selecting the ones that make sense for you.

Find out more or sign up here.

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