Forty Years, Forty Posts #36

A frequent question a writer might get is, what is the most interesting job you ever had? Hopefully the interviewee has been a whaler or a prison guard and has an interesting story to tell. Another question might be, “what is the silliest picture you have of yourself?” For me, the answer to both questions is right here.

Now, the puppet is one of a small troupe of puppets I commandeered in the early 1990s as a Vista volunteer. I’ve always loved puppets, since I turned two socks into snakes who told each other knock knock jokes for a school talent show. I would check out puppets from the public library, and they would assist me when I did oral reports. Like a lot of things, there came a time when I had to put away childish things, and later took up again when I realized they never really needed to be put away in the first place.

Now I have a menagerie of puppets, mostly Folkmanis critters: two hamsters, an otter, a skunk, a pig, a sheep, a raven (he just squawks “nevermore” and pecks your head) and others. For a while they did book vlogs for me, which can still be found on youtube (the squirrel and the rabbit are the best, but skip the one with the turtle).

In short, though I may be turning forty, I make no apologies for playing in puppets. After all, I used to be a professional puppeteer. I have no excuse for that hair, though.

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