The first word on Mudville…

The first review of Mudville was posted over at It’s a nice one, too (why else would I link to it?)

The voice is great here – Scaletta’s really got the 12 year old thing down. The plot’s got a very nice flow to it – there are a lot of surprises in this book, and some of them could have been jarring. They weren’t. He weaves the sports and the family and the mystery together with the same careful stitches that close the leather on a baseball, with the same end result: a lot of game in one small package.

2 thoughts on “The first word on Mudville…

  1. Woohoo! Isn’t it nice when a reviewer gets the book?

    I’ve already talked the book up to our local indie bookseller and he’s promised to order it in.

  2. I should not have read that review. It’s so awesome and added a few details about the book that I didn’t know/remember. February is way too far away! I want to read the book! :excited:

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