To Market

Speaking of soup, it really is better when it’s made from fresh, organic ingredients. Pretty much all the ingredients in my recent concotions have been from farmers markets. This one is in downtown Minneapolis.

Mill City Market

Of course the moment we arrived, Torii started sniffing around. What did he smell?

Of course… the fish stand. We got some trout for chowder and Torii helped himself while the fishmonger was distracted.

Not that I can point fingers… the mini donut stand is the one that pulls me in.

Once we’re all sated, it’s all about the produce. It looks fabulous. We fill our bags and go home to cook up salsas, soups, and stews, barely having a chance to wave at Walter Mondale as he hurries off with his own bag of locally grown goodness (and certainly no chance to snap a photo of the former vice-president).

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