Forty Years, Forty Posts #16

Sometimes I look back on the halycon days of my youth when I didn’t care that much about football. I watched sometimes, and was entertained, but I had basically no rooting interest. I didn’t pay attention to the standings or the schedule. If there was an Oilers game on I would always watch it, but not do to any deep fandom for the Oilers. I lived too far from Houston to really get into all the Love Ya Blue business. I just watched to see Earl Campbell run amok.

I watch more football now, but it’s not as much fun. The coaches and the refs need my help, and I have to yell really loud so they can hear me. It leaves me tired and hoarse and stressed out. There’s so much responsibility for just one viewer.

When: 1978-1980s
Where: Grand Forks, ND (watching TV)

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