Metaconcept Solutions Incorporated, Inc.

In addition to writing and technology, I also have an entrepreneurial spirit. It’s just a spirt. I don’t really have entrepreneurial energy. I’m more of an idea guy. I just need a team of skilled people to act on my ideas for a cut of the profits.

My ventures would begin with a blockbuster novel, The The Da Vinci Code Code, in which a professor of literary history and a gorgeous cryptologist attempt to unravel secrets in Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code in order to locate a lost replica of the lost ark of the covenant.

Complete Idiocy for DummiesEstablished as a big name, I would branch out to non-fiction, commissioning the much needed twin volumes Dummies Books for Total Idiots and Total Idiot Books for Dummies. These books would help newcomers to the Idiots and Dummies primers navigate the catalogs to select, purchase, and utilize the Dummies or Total Idiot book that is best for them. I also have a book to place by the register for impulse purchases, The Little Novelty Book Little Novelty Book, a cute little book with pictures of cute little books by the register.

Once my book franchise is set, I will take my business online, launching interactive communities based on fantasy fantasy sports gaming, an enterprise where players select rosters of fantasy sports players to perform in key fantasy sports categories (I would recommend anyone playing this game put my brother on their fantasy fantasy sports team). You can also play Guitar Hero Hero, an online game where you select a teenager character and a basement or family room setting and pretend to play Guitar Hero. Can you work your way up to the Guitar Hero championships?

For people who just want to mingle rather than game, I will also have such ventures as, which will help singles find their ideal matchmaking site, and a local site, mnspeakspeak, where people can discuss a vibrant local blog discussing local arts and news.

With such a multifaceted media empire, I will be well positioned to then take the final step and opening a line of consulting services, metaconcept solutions solutions, helping entrepreneurs identify their own business opportunities… eventually launching metaconcept solutions solutions solutions, which would train other would-be consultants on opening their own metaconcept solutions solutions franchise.

If anyone wants in, let me know. The sky’s the limit with this project, but I’m going to watch a baseball game and maybe read a bit and maybe get to it tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Metaconcept Solutions Incorporated, Inc.

  1. :looks suspiciously:

    Are you sure you’re not my brother? Both of ’em easily could’ve dreamed up this idea.

    Absolutely hilarious, mind you.

  2. Speaking as thisisbeth’s brother, I would like to say that I am, in fact, way ahead of you. I don’t know if html works here.

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