Forty Years, Forty Posts #8

I have eaten many of God’s creatures, including frog, snake, and alligator. It must have something to do with me being born in Louisiana. As a small child living in England, I had a bowl of turtle soup, and still remember how good it was: cubes of soft meat floating in a bowl of inexplicably delicious broth. I have never seen turtle soup on the menu again, nor have I seen turtles at the supermarket, or I would have it again in a heartbeat.

To set things even in the way of a famous fable, I tried rabbit several years later, also in England. This time we were just on vacation. I don’t remember anything about the meal, how it was prepared or how it tasted. All I remember is my oldest brother looking at me in horror. He knew one of my favorite books was Watership Down. Once my meal arrived, he started in: “That’s Hazel,” he said. “That’s Fiver. That’s Bigwig.” I may have sent the plate back, untouched.

When: 1983
Where: England

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