Saints Alive

Thanks to The Children’s Literature Network and The Red Balloon Bookshop, I was invited to read a story to kids before a St. Paul Saints baseball game. I decided 5-7 year olds wouldn’t get much out of my middle-grade novel, and read the great read-aloud stories by Crockett Johnson from the book Ellen’s Lion.


I was met by Carly of the Saints crew and a young pitcher named Charlie Rudd. Charlie told the kids he likes reading and is in the middle of the Ice and Fire Saga by George R. R. Martin. Ooh, I should have read that! In its entirety!


Actually I only read two of the three stories I’d chosen as it was, since it was hot and the kids were dropping like flies. But it was fun.

Mudonna Mudonna and Barack Ohama

The Saints aspire to give the whole family their money’s worth, packing the between-inning downtime with games and silliness. Highlights included seeing the Saints mascot Mudonna and her porcine sidekick Barack Ohama (get it?).

Kazoo nerds

Our entire section was also turned into an all-kazoo orchestra in a performance of “Batman Theme” by a duo of nerd conductors. The middle guy had to guess what song it was, and did so, despite everybody pretty much just blasting away at their own speed.

Sharky Snoopy

There were some other familiar faces, too — like Sharky, from Underwater Adventure (I think he’s a dolphin or something) and this statue of a famous former player from the Saints’ glory years.


Oh, and there was actually a baseball game going on….

2 thoughts on “Saints Alive

  1. Kurtis, that’s hilarious. We’ve been meaning to go to a Saint’s game with the little ones. One of these days. Thx for the pix and inspiration!

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