Princeton U

Conference Room Shaded Archway

The adventures described in the last couple of entries are what I’ve done in my spare time this week. I spent most of the week sitting in rooms like the one on left in buildings like the one on the right… I’m at a conference for higher ed techies like myself, and this year it’s on the Princeton Campus, which is exactly what you’d expect from an Ivy League campus. Lots of old buildings, tree lined paths, and expanses of sun-dappled grass. It’s a quiet week, but I imagine when schools in session there’s guys in Crew vests snorting at things.

Chapel Witherspoon Statue

I did find time to poke around campus, taking photos of chapels and statues as I saw fit.

Palmer Square Tiger Statue

I also toured the little shopping district adjacent to campus, where I stopped in a pretty nice bookstore, where I learned that Albert Einstein was a Princeton prof, and also duly noted sushi and ice cream shops for later visit. I think that statue a tiger. It looks more like a lion to me, but the Princeton mascot is a tiger.

Metal Tiger

THIS one, one of a pair that welcomes people to the football stadium, looks good and tigery.


All this walking around was a little warm, and I only wished I had brought a swim suit so I could splash around in the fountain with the toddlers.

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