Hot Town, Summer in the City

When Frank Sinatra sang, “I love New York in June — how about you?” he probably wasn’t imagining a 106 heat index. The lyrics would be

I think New York is usually fun,
but get me to some A/C stat…

So that was what happened to me. My idyllic notion of strolling up the streets and poking down the byways while a cool summer breeze ruffled my hair and pigeons gamboled on the terraces was quickly replaced by the desire to just. get. through. this.

Madison Square Garden

I emerged at Penn Station with about a mile to the agency where Ms. Amazing Agent Person works, and was stunned to come up from the tunnels and realize I was right at Madison Square Garden! I think they have concerts and basketball there.

And then I hurried, stopping only to photograph the eminently recognizable.

Empire State Building

The Empire State Building down that street.

New York Times

Oh, and hey, there’s the New York Times. Wish I could pop in on Will Shortz and thank him for all the maddening puzzles.

Carnegie Hall

Oh, and somebody told me that’s Carnegie Hall from the wrong angle. Want to know how to get to Carnegie Hall? (Wait for it… wait for it… ah, never mind.)

Scene from Up High

And here’s what NYC looks like from the cool, quiet upper floors of Random House Books, where Ms. Amazing Editor Person and the Very Nice Knopf People all work. I just hope somebody helps that kitty down. See him in the lower left of the middle building at the bottom. Wait, is that who I think it is? Uh oh…

Times Square

On the way back, this scene looked familiar… it was almost like I’d seen that exact scene before. Oh, hey, I think this is Times Square. So stopped in the middle of the street and snapped a photo… not the wisest move. At least I didn’t do what I saw another tourist doing, stopping in the middle of the street to take a picture of all the impatient taxis waiting for the light to turn green — which it already had! If I walked into NYC with any survival wisdom, it was to not mess with the cabbies.

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