I’ll be out of town for a while. For the most part I’ll be in Princeton, New Jersey for this conference, where I will talk about a paper I wrote with this guy for this journal, and hopefully jam on this bus.

House, M.D. One thing about being in Princeton is, there’s no better place to suddenly collapse… perhaps in the middle of my presentation, as I’m answering a question. I’ll be rushed to Princeton Medical where my mysterious malady is investigated by the curmudgeonly Bertie Wooster, who used to be so carefree, but something about being dad to a mouse and moving to America made him bitter. Whatever his personality, he is bound to save my life after pushing me to the brink of death by misdiagnosing me twice and applying a treatment that only made things worse.

Silvio Dante Once I’m better, I would thank him by taking him to a club I’ve heard of, headed up by an old friend who used to jam with a pretty good Jersey-area rock band but now he’s more on the managing side of show business.

So it should be a fun trip.

I’m also taking a side trip for a day in New York. I think I should pretty much be able to do everything there is to do by 2 PM, right?

I will not be blogging this trip, but I will be sending photos and updates to Facebook, so drop by if you want to see them… and if you’re on Facebook, feel free to friend me. If I don’t already know you, just include a message so I know you’re not spam.

I leave you with a poignant video about New York by the talented and temperamental Mr. Adams.

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