Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

Since rain is a major theme of Mudville, I was kind of thinking that at some point I would post a list of my favorite songs about rain and find links on youtube to as many as possible… Oh, “Fool in the Rain” by Led Zeppelin, and “Rain” by the Beatles (one of the first videos, apparently), and being a Minneapolitan, “Purple Rain” by Prince (who has diligently removed all of his songs from youtube) and this curiosity by a fellow Gopher.

Ah, but there are too many songs about rain, and anyway, I got sidetracked when I went looking for a good video of my hands-down favorite rain song, and one which I sort of consider to be Mudville’s unofficial theme song.

CCR actually has three great songs about rain (this one, “Who’ll Stop the Rain,” and “Bad Moon Rising,” sort of), but this one is my favorite. Fogarty is a brilliant song writer. I knew this would top any list of rain songs, but then I found out how many terrific covers are floating around on YouTube… including this one by a band I never heard of…

…and this one by one of my all time favorite bands, from their glory years…

…and this brilliant rocked up version…

…and a straight up version by Rod Stewart, and a melodramatic one by Bonnie Tyler that begs to be re-covered by The Dan Band (warning: profanity-laden novelty song will play).

There are a few amateur takes as well. Some of them are not bad at all. Others, um, might need a few more lessons… it’s just a’ight for me, dawg. Anywa, it’s kind of interesting to see what’s all been done with one classic rock song.

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