In Which the Author Pulls a Monkey Out of His Hat

Thanks to being in Guys Read and on friendly terms with the right kinds of people (e.g., librarians), my wife and I were invited to a shindig at the Minneapolis Public Library. This turned out to be really cool for three reasons (besides enjoying the treats, the music, and the company.)

Minneapolis Public Library
First, I finally saw the newly rebuilt downtown library. I used to go to the downtown library all the time, when I lived a short bus ride away and could even walk on nice days. Now we’re far enough way from downtown and close enough to the edge of Minneapolis that Hennepin County (e.g., suburban) libraries are more convenient. People kept telling me to go check out the new library just to see it, and they were right. The library I knew was great for resources but felt like a train station. Now it’s an amazing place, very neat inside… the reading areas are accommodating and cozy, while the corridor is awe-inspiring with a touch of Time Square.

Mad Hatter
Second, the gala had an Alice in Wonderland theme. I had an opportunity to try on this hat… this is what happens when you leave novelty head gear unattended when I’m around.

Third, we won the one item we really wanted in the silent auction (and the only we bid on), a miscellany of picture books and puppets. We mostly wanted the puppets…

…especially the monkey.

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