Black Cat and a Cherry Tree

Last weekend, we took a little detour back from a mother’s day lunch at the inlaws to Gertens Garden Center, in the south suburbs of St Paul. We weren’t the only ones who had that idea.. the place was packed. Spring came all at one, and late, but the last two weekends have been achingly beautiful and has everyone thinking about how outside can be something more than a place through which you hurry from indoor place to indoor place, and that there are other weather patterns than “freezing cold,” and “damp cold.”

Gertens Garden Center, Inver Grove Heights - trees

We went straight to the baby tree area. These trees are mostly three years old and still just saplings.

Gertens Garden Center, Inver Grove Heights

Torii looked about for a mouse tree… but no luck.

kurtis digging a hole

We bought a cherry tree (now named Charlotte) and a Lilac tree (Now named Lisette). After picking up the trees a week later (having secured the use of Angela’s sister’s minivan) we planted them Saturday, and made sure they felt welcome in their new, um, digs.

Angela watering a tree

Young trees are thirsty… they need several gallons of water a day.

lilac tree

So far Lisette is kind of shy, but we think she’ll open up soon.

cherry tree

Charlotte is understandably vain.

cherry blossoms

She’s very proud of her beautiful blossoms.

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