Judge this book by its cover…

I once heard Richard Peck give an hour-long harangue about the covers to his books, though he praised the latest cover.

Fortunately, I got a great cover before I wrote some forty-odd books like Mr. Peck. The design department at Knopf did a great job.

Mudville Cover


I spent a lot of time imagining what the cover might look like, the visual impact and simple perfection of a flying wet baseball was better than anything I considered… which is why authors don’t create their own covers.

Um, unless they’re Clive Barker.

4 thoughts on “Judge this book by its cover…

  1. As an artist who believes in good cover design (and hates bad ones), I think you have a winner. It’s both simple and dynamic, and quite striking (no pun intended). And most important of all, there’s lots of space for awards stickers.

    Look forward to reading it, too!

  2. Wow. Just… wow. It is SO COOL to see a book with your name on the cover, Kurtis! I can’t wait ’til I can buy it.

    I do rather like the cover design, too. Just thought I’d stay on topic for ya. 😉

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